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What is Zopiclone (Lunesta) 2mg?

This is a drug used to treat mild to severe cases of Insomnia. It helps you sleep easier and reduces the tendencies of waking up at night. This drug is commonly in tablet form but fluid or liquid form is also available for people who find it difficult to swallow the drug.

How long do I have to wait for it to take effect?

Zopiclone takes around an hour before you can feel its effect. Make sure to take this pill an hour before your desired time for sleeping.

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What will happen if Zopiclone (Lunesta) 2mg is mixed will alcohol?

When alcohol and Zopiclone are mixed or taken together, it can increase the risk of experiencing severe Lunesta side effects. There is also a big chance that you will be doing activities while you are not awake. Examples of this are driving, preparing a meal, eating or engaging in sexual intercourse while not fully awake. Frequently taking alcohol and this drug together may also make it more difficult to reverse the medication’s side effects.

Who can and can’t take Zopiclone?

This medication is recommended to be taken by adults over the age of 18. It may not be suitable or may be dangerous to some people. To be sure if Zopiclone is safe for you, inform your general practitioners if you have:
• had allergic reactions to any medications you have taken in the past
• liver or kidney problems
• an illness that makes your muscles weak or “myasthenia gravis”
• breathing problems or sleep apnea
• had mental problems in the past
• had issues with alcohol intake

Can I take Zopiclone (Luensta) 2mg while I am pregnant?

Do not take this drug when you are or trying to be pregnant. There might be a chance that it would affect the baby’s development. The same goes for women who are breastfeeding.

How and when do I take Lunesta 2mg?

Zopiclone tablets come in 2 strengths, 3.75mg and 7.5mg
A dosage of 7.5mg is recommended to be taken before you go to bed, however, you would have to wait for about an hour for you to feel the effect. For people over the age of 65, a dosage of 3.75mg would be best to lower the risk of experiencing severe side effects. When taking the pill, swallow it whole and don’t chew it. It is safe to take this drug with or without food. If you miss your dosage, just start over the next night before bedtime.

Does Zopiclone (Lunesta) 2mg have side effects?

Just like most drugs, Zopiclone also has side effects. The severity of its side effects would depend on your condition and how your body would react to the medication. The most common side effects of this drug are having a bitter or metallic taste in your mouth or it can also be dry mouth. You may also sleepy and tired the day after taking the drug.
Some serious side effects may occur but they are not common. It may include:
• lose your memory
Hallucinations- seeing or hearing things that are not real
• fall over- this is more common to elderly people
• delusions- thinking things that are not true
• Feeling low or sad- a starting symptom for depression
If these side effects bother you and would not go away, make sure to call your doctor or GP to get the proper assistance that you need.
Where can I buy medication for insomnia?
With the fast advancement of technology and the internet, you can easily buy medication for insomnia and other medical needs online. This gives the customers more convenience in buying medications to treat their medical conditions. Luckily, here in this pharmacy, we provide high-quality medications at a very affordable price.

Do I need to provide a prescription when I decide to buy Zopiclone?

There is no need for you to present a prescription when you decide to buy medication from our online pharmacy. But it is highly recommended that you let your condition be evaluated and assessed by a medical professional. We would also advise that you strictly follow the dosage and direction for the drug’s proper usage.

Are you going to notify my GP regarding my order?

We want to ensure our customers with 100% privacy. That is why we will not be notifying or informing your medical practitioner of any information during your transaction with us. Although it is recommended that your doctor should keep track of your medical history, we will not be disclosing any information with anyone else but you.

Where can I find more information?

If you have any other concerns about this drug or if you would like to read articles about its usage, benefits or even side effects, you can find it all here on our website. You may also use the live chat with one of our customer care representatives which you can also do on our website if you have more questions.

How do I order Lunesta 2mg from your website?

It’s very simple to place your orders. Simply go to our website and choose the quantity of medication that you choose to buy. Click ‘add to cart’ and you can now proceed to your mode of payment. Input all the necessary information for your address and payment. Once you have placed your order, a person from our team will assess it and process your orders.

What about the Lunesta 2mg packaging?

No need for you to worry about the world getting a glimpse of what you have ordered from us, we got you covered! Your orders will be placed inside a plain, white, concealed packaging. There will be no labels that would indicate what is inside. This is to keep your privacy as we aim to provide for our valued customers.

How long do I have to wait for my Lunesta 2mg order?

The delivery time of your medication will vary. It will depend on the address that you have placed on your order form. If the address you placed there is located in the UK, it would usually take 2 to 4 business days, excluding weekends and public holidays. For our customers located in EU countries, it would take around 4 to 7 business days, similar to the ones in the UK, holidays and weekends are not included.

Do you deliver Lunesta 2mg in the US?

Unfortunately, we do not. We only cater to our services for customers ordering from the UK and in EU countries.

Is it possible to cancel my order?

You may go to our ‘Contact us’ page and request a cancellation for your order. We can grant it if your orders have not been dispatched yet but once it has been packaged and shipped, the cancellation will not be allowed.

Is it safe to avail of Lunesta 2mg online?

We guarantee you that buying your medication needs from our online pharmacy is safe. We use technology with the latest encryption to make sure you have secure transactions with us. You can easily avail  Lunesta 2mg Safe from Our Pharmacy. Our customer care team is also available to contact 7 days a week if you have further questions and inquiries.